Fast Fatboys isn’t about speed or weight, it’s about action and celebration.
Celebrating the best parts of you while consistently improving the best parts of you. Whether mental, emotional, spiritual or physical we can all be Fast Fatboys, but only if you are willing to put in the work, enjoy the journey, and love yourself and others.

Multiple meanings in Spanish.
1. “Factory”
2. “Fabric”

  • Sometimes I feel like my brain is like a factory of ideas brewing. ⁠
  • And fabric, at least my understanding of it, is woven of many different threads, kind of like identity is woven. ⁠

Bringing it all together in this experiment to understand identity. ⁠

While this is a journey of self discovery, I’m guessing there’s a chance you can relate and there’s space for you to join me. ⁠


This website is part of an exercise in exploration of identity and self by me, @alexquinonez. ⁠

I was born in Brooklyn, NY to Puerto Rican parents, raised between New York City, Puerto Rico and Florida. A 90s kid who loves hip hop and salsa and remembers the beginning of reguetón in Puerto Rico. My favorite super heroes were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Bart Simpson. I’m proud of the 27 (Maybe 28?) Yankees championship rings.
Now in my mid 30s, identity is something, I can now vocalize, that I struggled with in my teens, twenty’s and into my 30s. ⁠I never wanted to be pigeon holed as the “Hispanic” guy. When I moved to Florida at 13 everyone that looked like me was lumped into the “Mexican” group. For years I wanted to just blend in. But over the last few years, maybe it’s age or the current climate, but I’ve become very proud of my DNA and wish I knew more. So I’m going to push and learn and share.

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